Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wrapping Up

Oh happy day! It's 7:30am EST & I just spoke with Pat. He & the entire team are off Camp 1 & in Base Camp. Global Rescue saved the day -- they were the only ones with a heli up there & they got everyone down. They will be inundated with chocolate & flowers :)

The plan is for him, along with 3 of his climbing mates James, Sam & Alex, to get picked up tomorrow morning Nepal time, & flown into Kathmandu off the mountain. They will see a completely different city than the one they flew into. But they've seen that at Base Camp too. Pat said his tent was right up against the ridge where the avalanche hit. He found his stuff, and miraculously, all that happened was that his tent was flipped over. I'm glad he wasn't in it.

He told me what happened to him up at Camp 1. You'll have to get the story yourselves from him -- no doubt it will be here in his blog, told in the way only the Irish can manage :)  By the way, I'm Irish & I didn't get that gift. I got the height (ha ha).

I'll update this blog when he gets into Kathmandu. And then I'm giving it back to him. Gladly!

Thank you all for your amazing emails, texts, calls, prayers, love & support. Some of you were afraid you were bothering me -- quite the opposite. You were holding me up. I am forever grateful for our amazing friends & family, & those who I don't even know who were there to help anyway. Truly amazing people you are.

A super grateful Kathy

p.s. Satellite phone reception isn't the best on the mountain, so I couldn't always hear Pat very well. When he was spelling the name of his sat phone service so I could add more minutes, he had to use the NATO alphabet (alpha, beta, charlie) -- but he didn't know which word to use for the letter U, so he said urethra. REALLY?! I laughed so hard.

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