Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some choice albums (discs, mp3's or whatever) that help me trek into basecamp...Volume 2

Back for more?  Here goes with my extended dance version - actually, I don't dance.  No rhythm.  I tap out a good tune with my feet though as I sip down my beer.  Does that count?  OK, here are some other albums I typically listen to while climbing...

The Band - all albums but I particularly like this one (2 discs) and their older stuff.

Bob Dylan - my favorites are Desire and Blood on the Tracks.  There are countless albums I listen to all the time but these are the two I come back to most often.

The Fray - I generally like all their albums and listen to them on shuffle.

Mumford & Sons - like The Fray, I like all of their music and listen to each album in the proper order.  My brain works best with the order.

Neil Young - I have no favorites; I like all his albums.  In particular, I grew up with Comes a Time and listen to that one often...along with Harvest.

The Rolling Stones - love all their stuff.  The one album that gets played more than any other is Exile on Main Street - a classic in my life:

Dave Matthews (Band and Solo) - my personal favorite and the one that always gets cued up on long airplane trips and fun hikes is his solo album Some Devil:

Billy Joel - Songs in the Attic - simply a classic in my lifetime.  I grew up listening to these songs and they remain a staple when I am mindlessly working:

The Who - Quadrophenia and Tommy in particular - these are my staples when I am just chilling out in my tent.  I love Quadrophenia.  It is a part of me and gets me pumped up for life.  Yeah, I know, I'm weird.  Who isn't?

Van Morrison - another personal favorite.  I listen to all his albums but one of my favorites is The Best of... because it gives me a taste of many of his tunes.  Yeah, Moondance gets played a ton too.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I'm a huge fan of their music and nowadays I tend to listen to Deja Vu more frequently than others:

Maroon 5 - I really enjoy rocking out to Adam Levine.  Yeah, most of his songs kinda blend together but I like 'em all.  Here is my personal favorite (if I have one):

The Finn Brothers - the front men for Crowded House created an awesome and unappreciated album (Everyone is Here) that just grabs me and keeps me thinking:

The Waterboys - a classic Irish edgy folk-rock band that my friend Matt Johnson turned me onto many years ago.  My personal favorite is Fisherman's Blues:

Led Zepplin - all of it - for those of us who grew up in the early 70's, it is hard to avoid this band.  They were part of my growing up and I still listen to them - mostly via compilations or randomly shuffling through all their music:

Kings of Leon - I got hooked on this band when they came out with their blockbuster album Only by the Night but since that one, I purchased all their other albums and listen to them religiously:

Coldplay - I like all their music but I particularly like Parachutes.  Not sure why.  I just do.

Bob Marley and the Wailers - I love Bob.  My brain knows Legend in the order of the songs and expects them to be played in that order.  Maybe too much Bob at a certain time in my life.

Train - I love all their stuff.  They have catchy tunes that keep me motivated.  Here is one of my favorites:

That about wraps it up.  Some of you may ask...what?  No Eagles, Doors, Beatles, Elton John, or more contemporary stuff?  Nope.  I listen to them all but I can only fit 64 GB onto my micro SD card so I need to choose carefully.  

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