Sunday, April 26, 2015

Quick update

Hi all,

For those of you not following Twitter or the Everest blogs out there, just wanted to let you know that Dan Mazur has been tweeting a few times since the earthquake & keeping us all updated on their situation at Camp 1. Looks like some folks scouted out the Ice Fall route.  His tweet says the good news is that the route is still there; the bad news is that it is not in good shape; and the "very bad" news is that the Ice Fall sherpas' Base Camp is gone. I can't tell if that means they are too. But other bloggers at Base Camp are saying that sherpa are working to get supplies to Camps 1 & 2. It's not clear if the Summit Climb team and/or others are going to try to climb down to Base Camp, or wait to be evacuated by helicopter. Apparently some teams have been evacuated, and it looks like it's been from both Camps 1 & 2. Pat's most recent SPOT check was a few minutes ago, about 10:40pm EST & from the looks of it, they are still at Camp 1.

Sam Chappatte's mom, (he's climbing with Pat) emailed to let me know that there have been discussions with the Indian military to get them out of Camp 1 via helicopter on Monday. I'll keep you posted as I hear.

The good news is Pat and team are okay -- as long as the SPOT messages are coming in, they're hanging in there.

I'll keep updating as I learn more.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts & positive vibes -- they're keeping the climbers going! And us here at home too.


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