Monday, April 27, 2015

Still waiting for helis...

Hi all,

10pm EST and just spoke to Pat. They're all packed up & waiting for the helis to come. I've been in constant contact with Global Rescue -- they know they're waiting & the plan is to get them out today & at least down to Basecamp. But the choppers fly by Visual Flight Rules (new term I just learned) because they don't have the equipment to do otherwise. That means they can't fly if they can't see. And right now they can't see. We're waiting for a weather window to get them out.

Good news is the sun is shining at Camp 1 & Pat was happy to get warm! Weather comes up the mountain from the valley so even though they have clear skies, it's not clear below. Global Rescue is working hard to get them out of there. These guys are great & I appreciate everything they're doing. I'm staying in contact with Pat, hoping to chat in another hour to update him & vice versa.

Please keep sending your prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes to blow those clouds away & get these guys off the mountain! Many, many thanks to you all for your love & support, & for not letting me feel alone in this. I can't tell you how much this helps.

Much gratitude,


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