Saturday, April 18, 2015

Now resting and relaxing at the Namche cyber cafe

Life is good here in the Khumbu Valley. I made it up from Lukla to Namche in 6 hours yesterday.  Felt great and took my time.   It sure helps to be acclimatized to 22,000 feet when you trek at 10-14,000 feet.   Life is easy.

Today,  I plan to rest here and let my body fully recover from a 6 hour day.   I will eat well,  sleep a ton, and drink 5 to 6 liters before I crash tonight.  So far today,  I had an omelette, home fries, toast, coffee, and bacon.   Sounds like I'm really roughing it,  eh?

Tomorrow, I plan to meet Sam and Alex in Dingboche.   They had a puja in Pangboche yesterday and are hanging out there today and then head out to Dingboche in the morning.  Will be great to see them - first time since last May.  We should have a few rousing rounds of hearts tomorrow night.   I can't wait.

Met a ton of really interesting people.  All of them trekkers and each with great stories. I love this part of climbing.   Meeting new people, hearing their stories, and telling a few of my own.  I really feel fortunate to experience this adventure in great health.

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