Sunday, April 26, 2015

Heard from Pat!

Good news -- Pat called on his satellite phone at midnight EST, 9:45am on Sunday for him. He and his team are doing well, given what they've just been through. An avalanche went through Camp 1 but everyone is okay -- the Sherpa rounded up tents for those whose were destroyed, and there are quite a few people up there together, which makes it better for everyone. They have food and provisions, so they're okay. Pat is sharing his sat phone with others so they can call their families.

Everyone up there is in the dark regarding what happened -- all they know was that they were hit with an earthquake. I told them about Kathmandu and the strength & center of the earthquake. It sounded like they were hit hard by the quake up at Camp 1, but nobody was hurt and the big message is that everyone is okay.

It made me happy to hear Pat say "Man have I got some stories to tell you and Patrick when I get home!" I can't wait.

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