Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Holy smokes! People are reading my blog - Last UK post before heading home

Thanks everyone for coming here to read about my adventures.  I am relaxing in London right now with my family, trying to lick any residual wounds from my two past swims over the past weeks, and preparing for one final swim around my home town of New York City before I call it a summer of adventure.  

Apparently, others are reading my blog.  See this post from the Daily News from Open Water Swimming (.com).  Much appreciated that Steven took the time to write up a nice piece about my activities.

Nothing much to report other than very little swimming (one day to loosen up my upper body), a ton of cycling around the city (to avoid traffic and actually see the city), and way too much eating and drinking.  Here are some pictures to keep you entertained before I post my lead-up to the 20 Bridges Swim.  
One morning swim at Parliament Hill Lido - 61m long pool (Thanks Cheryl for the info).

Cycling throughout the neighborhoods of London.  Sweet 30mph hairdo, eh?

I did say eating and drinking...well, here we stopped for a pint.

My Peroni - Kat hates beer.
More later.  I am still ironing out the details of the 20 Bridges Swim.  When I learn more, I will post more.  We are off to cycle the city again and then take in "The Book of Mormon" at 7:30pm tonight before departing tomorrow for the states.  Probably my last post from the UK.  

Thanks again Steven for posting on the OWS website.  

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