Sunday, July 10, 2016

1 Day Left - only 32 hours before I begin my swim

I finished my last Cove swim, ate a huge meal, rested, and now setup my SPOT locator.  You can follow my swim starting at 11pm PST using this URL.  Don't worry if you cannot see the page right away.  I believe the page gets populated once we start the tracking.  Here are a few things to note before tomorrow's final pre-swim post.
A tuskless walrus surfaces with a smile.

Today's swim was spectacular just like all the others.  We had great weather and the water was about as clear as I ever saw it in the Cove.  Tasha and Anders brought the kids and we all had a blast in the water.  Here is the team:

My San Diego crew

Look Cheryl, I wore my pink suit today.  I figured I would finish the Cove swims in style and what better style than a pink suit.  Oh yes, Chris swam with his "dorkel" for our entire outing.  He was a huge trooper for going out with me.  We both took it easy - trying to just get warmed up, put in a little action into our shoulders, and then shut it down for the big swim.  All in all, a great day in the water.  So that is it with swims.  I am done with all my training.  My body is in great condition.  No aches or pains to report so all is good.

Tomorrow, we plan to head off for Long Beach at about noon with an expected arrival at the dock no later than 3pm.  Yes, the distance between San Diego (north county) to Long Beach is only 105 miles but this is southern CA and traffic can be brutal.  I figured a 7 hour head start ensures we get to the dock before the boat departs.  Best to be early.

OK, gotta run.  Plenty to do before we head off tomorrow.  Thanks for following.

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