Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wooo Hoooo!!!!! Swim time coming up.

Nothing definite but a ton more certain than before.  We either push off at 11am tomorrow or midnight (later tomorrow).  Either way, I'm going to be swimming!

OK, now that I have the news and a rough estimate for my start, I have a few options for following my trip across the English Channel.

Option 1:  You follow along via the blog, Facebook, twitter, and/or Instagram.  Yes, I went hog wild with social media so that each and everyone interested can follow with ease.  Kathy has my phone and will take pictures and post updates routinely.

Option 2:  Check out the website and see updates live on the map and see stats.  Thanks to Evan Morrison for the fantastic service.

Option 3:  Follow my SPOT locator map and see where I am on the Google map that the service uses to plot my progress.

Option 4:  Check out the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS&PF) webpage for tracking SUVA (my pilot boat).  Here is a quick link but you need to select the my pilot boat at the top and then select "Latest Track" below the picture of the boat.

All four will work just fine.  More options means that there are no chances that you will miss my swim tracking.  I have my own SPOT and SUVA has AIS (don't ask).  

I'm psyched...and tired.  More later.  Time for bed.  Remember, 11am local time is 6am EDT and 3am PDT - just for your reference.  On the bright side, if I start my swim at midnight tomorrow (25 hours from now), my American friends can follow along for most of the adventure.  Thanks for following; have a great night.

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