Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 10 Update: August 18th, 2013

Week 10 Update: Aug 18, 2013

Last week of training before a week off! Here are some highlights of this past week.

  • Three days of 5+ hours of training is not as tiring as I expected
  • Looking forward to a full week of rest
  • It is tough to workout when on vacation

Workout Progress

I worked my tail off from Sunday through Tuesday so I would not need to train that much while at the beach. As you can see from the figure below, I did 5+ hours of training on those three days leaving me with only a few remaining hours for the rest of the week - divided among the days I spent on the Jersey shore beach.

plot of chunk WeekEx

Yo! Look at that Sunday through Tuesday below. Yep, that light line that has the huge workload. I crushed it early this week and then coasted into the finish line for a well-earned week off.

plot of chunk DailyWL

After 10 blogging weeks and 15 training weeks, I am nearing the ¼ way point. The next week, however, is a rest week with only climbing and a swim meet ahead. I can't wait!

plot of chunk CumWL

Weekly Summary

What a great week. The busy early week only confirmed what I learned over the past few weeks - I can put up with a ton of training with no ill effects. At least I can make that case for one week. Muliple weeks like the past would burn me out.


I am on a productivity downward spiral but my training continues to improve with increased optimism and motivation for working out along with decreased fatigue and soreness. I need to figure out how to weave in more productive time while increasing my workload. More on those strategies later…

plot of chunk Mood

Hypoxic Training

Sleep quality continues to improvej as my spO2 dips. I must be suffocating in my sleep but it is a blissful, quiet suffocation. Later this week while I am on vacation, I intend to post more about my pulmonary function test.

plot of chunk Hypoxia

Updates for the week

My updates…

  1. I relaxed on the beach last week and neglected to do my blog posts as promised. When I am in Oregon, I promise to follow through.
  2. Last week, I spent two days at the beach sleeping with my hypoxic mask. The tent is way more comfortable in terms of breathing and sleeping but I really liked the temperature outside the tent.
  3. I'm off to the airport in about an hour and I can't wait to meet up with Dan and his collegues. Our climb might be a bit brief due to many constraints but at least I will be on the glacier with my son and my Everest climbing buddies. Look for pictures from that day to be posted after Tuesday.

I'm off to Portland!