Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 4 in San Diego - Getting closer to my swim

With only one more Cove swim left, I am feeling the energy of the channel.  Everything is falling into place.  Kat, Patrick (no longer little but medium and a full-fledged driver to boot), Dad (driving from Tucson!!!!), Sean (brother driving from Las Vegas), Anders (friend from Tucson who lives in San Diego), Chris Lee (friend from GMU masters, sailing, and San Diego), Bryn Taylor (new friend and significant other of Chris'), Paul Grecco (my lane mate and swimming pal from GMU), Paul Efron (long-time friend from Tucson who lives in LA), and perhaps other surprise guests are all set to crew for me in two days.  The weather here has been marvelous.  Every day, I get up at 4am local time regardless of need or desire.  I lay in bed, read, catch up on email, sort through my lists of things needed for my swim, and get ready for the daily outing in the cove.  Today, we had another fabulous day.  Here are some pictures courtesy of Bryn; she was the only one who toted her phone down to the beach.  Thanks Bryn.

Picture 1:  Before the swim.  We look ready and excited for another Cove experience.  The water was warm (probably 70+ F) and calm.  

Above:  The dynamic trio (Anders, me, and Chris) ready for another swim in the cove on a perfect Saturday morning.  They probably feel relieved that I am in the picture; walrus always make others look slim and trim.

Photo 2:  A rather unflattering photo of yours truly getting ready to plunge in the water.  For the first time in my life, I made Chris look small.  Too funny.  

Notice how calm the water is today?  Another nice day of frolicking with the seals - both human (divers who want to act like them) and pinniped (who are actually them).  This walrus fit right in with the latter.  

Photo 3:  All smiles before with my San Diego crew.  These three have been great.  Missing in these photos is Tasha (Anders wife) who has cooked for us and made us feel completely welcome the entire time here.  Thanks Tasha.  I'll get a picture of you in the blog soon....I promise.

And finally, Photo 4:  Bryn captured the Cove perfectly with this shot.  It really was that gorgeous out this morning.

Anders and I ran around town today getting snacks and gear for the swim.  This afternoon looks like a good opportunity to be lazy.  Gotta rest up for the big evening swim on Monday.  I'm so psyched, I can hardly contain myself.  Ever feel that way?  Yeah, me too; it sure feels good.  

OK, off for a nap now.  Thanks for following.  I plan to post tomorrow and Monday before the swim with actual swim details.  Tomorrow morning, we get back in the Cove for one more hour+ swim - wrapping up my warm-up/taper swims.  The next few posts will give you all some idea about my swim plan (i.e., when I want to feed, how fast my arm turnover is when I feel good, why these things are important, etc).  Stay tuned.  I hope you all have as enjoyable days as I am experiencing.  Cheerio...

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