Friday, July 15, 2016

Catalina Channel Recap: One final post to wrap up my end of the story

My friend Madhu Nagaraja introduced me to Evan Morrison today.  Thanks Madhu, I really appreciate the introduction.  Evan has a service called TRACK.RS that takes SPOT locator data or any GPS tracking system data and plots it for you.  The service is inexpensive and really quite nice - so nice I signed up for my English Channel swim.  Expect a post with the URL.  Should be fun looking at the map and graphs.

Evan took my Catalina Channel data and uploaded it to the Marathon Swimming Federation website.  I encourage you to check out the map and the stats page.  The track indicates I swam 32km at an average pace of 2.9 km/hr.  With slow feeds, some relaxation time in the water, and a painful finish, I am very happy with that outcome.  Many of you know I am a sucker for data.  Well, here is my speed data:

Note those points at about mid-way through the Channel?  I was almost still (i.e., NOT moving very quickly) for three out of four of those data points (40 minutes).  Also, you can see the finish took some time.  I wasn't moving very quickly over the rocks at the end either.  Just as I described in my recap, dragging my legs caused me to slow down BUT allowed me to save energy for the final push.  Also, I am fully recovered from the swim so BRING ON THE EC!

OK, off the computer to finish packing.  Thanks.

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