Monday, July 25, 2016

What is next?

Glad you asked.  It appears I am headed to New York City to complete the 20 Bridges Swim (formerly known as MIMS or Manhattan Island Marathon Swim).  Yes, I intend to swim around my home town in mid-August (August 15th for now).  If I am successful, I will beat the record for the shortest period to complete the Triple Crown of marathon swimming.  The current record stands at 35 days and if I am able to successfully finish the swim on August 15th, I will have done the three swims in 34 days.  Should be fun trying to beat that record.  One thing at a time though...gotta finish the swim.  So, I guess taking a few months off from swimming will just have to wait.  I'm already fit and fully recovered from my two channel swims, so why not tackle another marathon swim?

Back to training:  Today, Kat and I swam in this outdoor pool in London.  It was spectacular.  Here are a few photos of the Parliament Hill Lido:

Neither Kat nor I could figure out how long it was but it was longer than a 50 meter pool.  How much bigger I haven't a guess.  I loved the water temperature and the morning weather couldn't be beat.  

So, I'm back to swimming again.  I think I will lose a few pounds too since the rivers surrounding Manhattan are a bit warmer (mid-70's F or mid 20's C) than either the Catalina or English channels.  Time to lose this extra warmth.  No better time than the present.  Expect a leaner Patrick soon....perhaps not by my next swim but I do intend to eliminate all excesses.  Well, maybe I keep a few beers in there for safe measure.

More later.  I have some planning to do.  Thanks for following.

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