Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to me - one day before I depart for SD

I am almost manic today - teetering on the edge of total excitement and unbridled energy without a clear direction to focus it all.  So, I'll post my rambling thoughts about my day today and the hours ahead.  

Today marks the 18,263 days (50 years) I have been alive and what a ride it has been.  Fifty years does not really mark much of a milestone.  There are a few critical times in life that each of us need to pass for a longer life.  I made the first milestone of living 24 hours past birth, the second one growing to be old enough to leave a seedy NYC without much damage, the third by navigating my formative years (18-28) without too many poor choices, the fourth by staying healthy enough to see through the middle part of my mid-life.  You see, I am only half-way through or not even half way through mid-life.  

According to researchers, mid-life exists between 40 and 65.  Few researchers pay much attention to us and, at 50, we are merely a mid-point on that continuum of mid-life purgatory.  Don't feel sorry for us.  We are all happy - or at least most of us are happy.  I am happily married to Kat who is way above my pay grade, have an awesome son who thankfully behaves nothing like I did when I was his age, and awesome family and friends.  Also, I have the wherewithal to afford adventures and plan to do as many big, small, and micro-adventures as possible from now until I can no longer do much of anything.  Fifty is just a mid-point in this long adventure.  Celebrate with me and for us all.

I'm off to see Finding Dory with my family.  I love these animated movies.  Many of you know me as a salty sailor but I love these types of films; they make me happy. Once the movie is over, I intend to pack, go to one last swim practice to say "see you later" to my GMU Patriot Masters team mates.  

My next post will be en route to San Diego.  Expect pictures of "The Cove" tomorrow.  See you all soon - either in person or virtually.  OK, gotta run.  The movie starts in 20 minutes.

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