Monday, April 27, 2015


Yeah, you know it!!!!!!! Global Rescue got him down from Camp 1!!!!!! Pat is now at Base Camp waiting for the others to make it down, and looking for his stuff. He said Base Camp looked "flattened" & was unrecognizable. So now they have to figure out where their camp had been to find their gear. The next folks coming down are Alex and 2 Sherpa. The chopper was just landing with them when Pat called.

Global Rescue just called to make sure Pat made it on the transport down to EBC and the next step will be to get him to Lukla, where the airport he wrote about many moons ago, exists on the side of the mountain. That's the trip back to Kathmandu. That will be another adventure, but for now, I'm SO AMPED I CAN'T SLEEP!!!! AND I NEED TO! :)


See what your prayers, positive thoughts & vibes have done :)

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