Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello followers of Pat's climbing adventures! Thanks for following & supporting him. He's trained hard for this and if anybody has it in themselves to overcome the upcoming challenges & stand at the top of the world, its Pat. I know because he's my best friend & I see it every day, his passion, focus, & determination. Yes, sometimes it's rough to miss out on a Friday night movie because he has 9 hours of workouts on Summit Saturdays, and it can get really hard when you hear there's been an avalanche & conflicting reports about loss of life. But I wouldn't want him to be any other way. I get the passion & dedication to a physical & mental challenge. It can be selfish sometimes, but it also gives life to those around you who are ignited by your fire.

So I wasn't supposed to be writing all that but thats what came out! All I was supposed to do was tell you he's okay & making his way to Basecamp--on little sleep & less food. Once he gets to a comfortable altitude, just slightly lower than the one at which our plane flew today to Chicago (!) , he'll get a chance to catch up on sleep & get ready for the big push. Please send good vibes his way -- your good wishes will push him up the hill ☺

Thank you for following & supporting my adventurous, awesome hubby! From sea-level ,


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