Thursday, April 30, 2015

Waiting at Lukla

It's 2pm EST on April 30.  Spoke with Pat last night and this morning. He and his team are at Lukla, and it's a chaotic mess, as you can imagine. When I spoke with Global Rescue about the situation, my contact said it's like trying to empty a full football stadium 1 car at a time. Word is that Global Rescue will pick them up tomorrow. In the meantime, they've miraculously found them a hotel for the night and Pat and team have food and water, so they're safe there. The US Embassy is prioritizing evacuating the injured from that area, as they should. So for healthy people with resources, it's about being patient and not getting caught up in rushing the choppers & planes as they land, to get on & down to Kathmandu. The GR guy said it's actually better to be in Lukla right now than Kathmandu. They're even encouraging their clients who are trekking down from Base Camp to Lukla to take their time, if they have enough supplies, because it's going to get worse for awhile.

On another note, saw a few neighbors yesterday as I walked our dogs and I just want to say how amazing & supportive they've been -- kind words, offers of food, drive-by hugs even! We're so lucky to have such good peeps around us, in our neighborhood, online, on the phone, in prayers and good vibes :)

Many many thanks


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