Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some choice albums (discs, mp3's or whatever) that help me trek into basecamp...Volume 1

You asked for got it.  Actually, my friend Todd Kashdan suggested I post my playlists.  It seemed like a good idea at first but I had no idea how to post one.  So, after some searching and deciphering the odd formats for playlists, I decided to provide a more graphical representation of what I listen to and when.   Here goes...

Album (CD, mp3, or whatever metric you use to demarcate a collection of songs) 1:  Vivaldi's Four Seasons.  Specifically, the one pictured below.  I love this CD and play it when I am out in the mountains all the time.  The music relaxes me and allows me to appreciate the wonders of nature.

Album 2:  Nothing gets me in the mood for thoughtful reflection like Miles Davis.  In particular, I love Kind of Blue.  His soulful rendition of these songs makes life much more enjoyable.  Transitioning from Vivaldi to Miles Davis ain't so hard.  

Albums 3-10:  My complete collection of Steely Dan.  Yep, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen accompany me on all outings.  They created such great jazz-infused rock that I get inspired and walk a bit faster while jamming to their songs.  The best album cover they have is from Aja but I have 8 other albums that span their 10-12 year recording history in the 70's and 80's.

Album 11 and 12:  I need to slow down a bit after Steely Dan with a little Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.... 
and Wish You Were Here:

Albums 13-?:  What better way to reach my destination than to rock out to The Pogues?  Pink Floyd puts me into a contemplative state whereas Shane McGowan and the rest of the band get me fired up to finish off the day.  I prefer the edgy sounds of If I Should Fall from the Grace With God...

 but for simplicity, I tend to listen to the Ultimate Collection - 2 discs - (not as good as the original but darn close):

Combined, these albums give me about 12 and 1/2 hours of listening enjoyment.  Tomorrow, I will supplement this list with a few of my other favorites.  

See what all this waiting is doing to me?  Happy Easter.

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