Sunday, April 13, 2014

Namche rest day again....sorta

Hello all.  Greetings from Namche's Cyber Cafe.  Just had a cheeseburger and fries to rough it a little more in this civilized area before heading out to the less civilized area.  Have a few updates from yesterday.

First, last night, we all voted to stay another day in Namche to allow our comrades to acclimatize.  Recall that 5 of our crew were held back in Kathmandu because the airport closed.  They were bummed and I was bummed for them.  Imagine getting left behind by your expedition mates and having to go back to the hotel that we were all excited to leave.  I am sure they were a little miffed about the hitch in our plans.  Thankfully, they all seem to be doing well.  At any rate, we voted to stay for another day and keep the cohesion of our group - a wise decision if you ask me.  The 5 members were silent during our vote but I could see they were appreciative of our support. 

Next, my tent mate and I decided to head out for a hike to see Everest this morning.  Our hike started before breakfast so we skipped the meal and left with the plan to eat something at the Everest View Lodge.  We made it up to the lodge in record time, ate a nice omelette, enjoyed a few pots of tea, and took countless pictures of Everest, Lohtse, Ama Dablam, and Nuptse.  What a view!  My buddy Neal - my tent mate - posted several photos of us and the hills.  Check them out at his twitter site.  Kathy posted his URL earlier.  Follow his twitter feed too.  He will post plenty of photos of us as we climb.  Great guy!  Can't wait to climb more with Neal.

Finally, I got a little sunburned today.  Beat red might be a better description.  In my haste to get out this morning, I forgot to put on my sunscreen.  Bummer.   Oh well.  I won't make that mistake again.  Dan suggested I use sun screen and even offered some of his own.  I just told him that I forgot it.  Tomorrow, we push off for Pangboche in the morning.  I promise to put on my sun screen. 

Expect an update from Pangboche - at a minimum from my Spot locator.  

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