Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Update from Gorak Shep - a quick change of plans

Greetings.  For once, this is Patrick reporting from a few hours down from EBC.  Thanks to my dear wife Kathy for keeping up the blog.  I was in EBC for the past few days and going through some tumultuous times.  Sorry for the silence but the internet connectivity with my Nexus table and phone are pretty awful.  I really want to post pictures but that might have to wait until I return to civilization.  Here are a few updates we confirmed from multiple sources on the mountain and our team:

1.  An unknown number of Sherpa are calling for the end of the climbing season on Everest.
2.  Few if any large expedition leaders are calling it quits.
3.  Dan and many of us remain very positive about the expedition
4.  We need to acclimatize to at least Everest camp 1 (6,100 m) so we left EBC this morning to climb Lobuche.
5.  Rumors are flying about the climbing season.  Please be patient and do not take any single source seriously.

Thanks to Alan Arnette for keeping everyone filled in on the Everest climbing season.  I am sure you have all come to realize that Alan is quite knowledgeable and does not jump to conclusions.  The funny thing about Everest is that the people on the hill know very little so as you move away, you can expect to know even less.  Stay positive and keep supporting the Sherpa and the climbers.  We are one. 

Here is a picture of me (Patrick) and my new pal Sam (Chappette).  Please follow Sam & Alex's blog if you have not already done so. 

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