Saturday, April 12, 2014

Namche Bazaar rest day

Greetings.  I sit here in the same bakery where I posted from yesterday.  It is a delightful place with great (probably by local standards...passable) goodies.  We feast on fatty foods and endless cups of black tea here.  The best part is that there is unlimited internet access.

Last night, we hiked up a huge hill to our tea house.  There were several rooms and 7 tents.  Since I was last up, I got a tent and was really happy.  My tent mate - Neal - was an ideal pairing.  We both have similar attitudes about sleep and such.  The events during the evening were rather subdued.   We all sat around the dinner room and told stories.  It was a great evening.   I enjoy chatting with all my expedition mates. 

Life is good overall.   I feel great.  The sinus infection that I keep battling seems to be waning.  Granted, the daily huge doses of antibiotics help.  The food keeps me full enough.  I finally slept a full night last night - perhaps as much as 8 hours.  It feels good to finally be at altitude.  I love sleeping in tents at altitude.  Something about snuggling into my big down bag and having no pressure to do anything.  Again, life is good.

I trekked up from Lukla to Namche in my flip-flops.  Those of you who know me should not find that terribly noteworthy but what is novel is that my feet are absolute filthy.  My main objective is to get my feet clean.  I want get them clean enough so they do not feel awful in my sleeping bag.  Perhaps today I will take a shower today.  My co-climbers might really appreciate that effort.

So I sit here with my second pot of tea and just polished off my chocolate cake.  Life is good.  Thanks for following.  Tomorrow we head out of town for higher acclimatization.  I'll check in via spot when we reach our destination.

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