Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Photos from Everest

This is Kat again, trying to post some more photos from Dan Mazur's Summit Climb group. They were taken by everyone on the team, so I'll try to give credit to the photographer where I can.

This is Alex and Sam, both from the UK, sitting in front of the Ice Fall. Sam took the photo. They're part of the Summit Climb group and planning to summit Everest with Pat.

This is Everest Base Camp, where everyone's been waiting to hear if the Ice Fall will be re-opened and climbing will resume. Sam took this photo. I think the big tent with the orange top is the Base Camp bar. Really. See the next photo...

This is the Base Camp bar, hosted by Seven Summits. I'm not kidding here...  (Seriously, who's boozing  it up on Everest?!!!)

Here's Pat's tent, with Olivia's flag flying high. She's keeping him safe :)

Here's Team Canada! Wait...now I know who's hitting the Base Camp booze (ha ha, just kidding).
Photo by Sam. So is the bar pic.

This is Gary, one of climbers on Summit Climb team, playing with a Sherpa girl -- little doll! :)

Photo from the wake, taken by Mike Fairman. Sherpa, climbers, media and government officials were there.

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