Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another post for (not by) Pat

Hi all,

Again, I am the WiFi on the ground for Pat while he treks away in the Himalayas. He is a few days from Base Camp, and internet cafes get fewer and fewer. We are chatting almost every day, only briefly to bank cell minutes -- that's the story Pat's going with anyway. Personally, I think he's checking out early so he can haul over to the bakery... :)

In addition to his buddy Neal's Twitter site (I gave the link in the last post), he said to check out 2 of his other climbing buddies' blog at www.twoadventurists.com

They're posting some great pics and I love their descriptions of the trek and the people, including Pat, who they call "The Athlete." Go Ironman go!!! :)  What is also funny is their posts are a lot like his: they also took pics of all their gear, and described every piece, and they talk about the food -- loading up on pizza, donuts and burgers until it's all gone. I have this mental picture of a bunch of stuffed, burping, farting climbers knocking each other off the trail with their collective gas. Eww.

Enjoy the hell out of your adventure, you lipid laden adventurists! Trek on!

p.s. Pat told me to tell you all that the time he spent in the hypoxic tent and training in his "Bane" mask has paid off. I guess whatever altitude he's currently at, isn't phasing (fazing? phazing?) him in the least. Go Pat!

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