Tuesday, March 6, 2018

33 Days Remain: Monster days on the AT last weekend

I spent the past few days in the great outdoors hiking portions of the Appalachian Trail.   For those interested in the trails I hiked, check out these links:

1.  Weverton to Gathland State Park (out and back).  I started from the parking lot in Harper's Ferry for a total round-trip of just a shade under 20 miles.  The terrain was flat initially and then offered a nice climb up about 1200 feet then continued along an undulating ridge.  Nice hike and certainly worth the effort and drive.

An AT shelter in the distance.

2.  Maryland Heights Loop (loop with great views).  I hiked this loop fairly quickly and enjoyed the scenery.  

The view from above.  Little, charming Harper's Ferry down below.

There were other trails but I decided to show you two of my favorites.  Lest you think I had a night off from my hypoxic tent...fear not!  I brought a unit and tent with me and slept each night at my prescribed altitude.  These were tough days followed by a great night sleep (at altitude).  Also, the weekend was a great adventure and offered me some good feedback about my preparation.  I have no doubt in my mind now, I am fit.  What I need to focus on now is getting my gear ready, finishing work projects, getting my study setup and ready to deploy, and resting.   Still having fun....

Thanks for following.  More gear on Thursday.

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