Sunday, August 14, 2016

In NYC - the day before the swim. Time to eat!

Greetings from NYC!  Kat and I got up here late last night, stayed in a Holiday Inn Express next to Penn Station, then met my pal Brendan for breakfast.  
Coop (L) and Kat (R) checking out some options
In the process, we also met up with a friend from high school who was kind enough to let us hole up in his gorgeous apartment in Chelsea.  We are now up in our AirBnB - close to the start - and planning the rest of our day.  Here is what is in store for the group:

1.  Cold noodles with sesame sauce - the greatest Chinese dish not readily available outside NYC.  Yes, there are knockoffs but we are going to the 2 1/2 star Empire Szechuan Gourmet.  They may not get the highest ratings overall but they are the home of the finest cold noodles with sesame sauce.

2.  Walk around the village.  No beer or drinks for me as I try to rest up for my swim.  Instead, I will consume water, dodge the heat, and get mentally prepared for a fitful night of sleep.

3.  Dinner.  Don't know where but it will be great.  Coop (aka Brendan) and I are already scheming where we will eat on Tuesday.  Tonight is a little uncertain.  I was hoping for an Italian meal but I'm flexible.  Any suggestions from New Yorkers?  

Oh, tracking.  The tracking page is all set thanks to Evan Morrison.  You can track me while you work at the following URL:

OK, off for our first treat.  

Forgot to mention, we are in a heat wave.  Bloody hot here.  My full figure can only take so much heat.  I'll survive.  Not happy but will survive.  Hope to post some pictures later.

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