Monday, August 3, 2015

More on Everest 2015


While my focus remains squarely on the English Channel these days, I keep getting more new information on Everest 2015.  Here are two tidbits to keep you entertained for a bit.

1.  Wired magazine has a new feature article on Global Rescue and our climb.  Please read the article and be sure to comment on whatever you see fit to discuss.  Here is the link:

2.  I just received a note from Dan Mazur about our permit fees from 2015.  Apparently, the Nepal Ministry of Tourism (and other things) will honor our permits.  Here is Dan's message:

Dear Everest Nepal 2015 Team member,
I hope you are well and had a good July. Thank you so much for joining us for the Spring 2015 Everest Summit Climb.
Soon I will be returning to Kathmandu to lead our Autumn expeditions in Nepal which will be reopening following the terrible events this spring. Pease follow our updates at
Regarding your participation during 2015, Firstly we would like to apologise for the difficulties that were caused when the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude occurred.
The earthquake triggered an avalanche which wiped out Everest basecamp; subsequently 18 people were killed at Basecamp and overall 8000 people were killed in Nepal. Our condolences go out to all involved. As you are aware this lead to the subsequent Nepal Ministry of Tourism's closure of the mountain to all expeditions. 
Now we write to you with good news: The Nepal Ministry of Tourism has said they will offer a free permit to those people whose trip was cancelled due to the earthquake.

Well, there you have it.  Time to head to the pool.

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