Monday, October 28, 2013

What does a typical Everest expedition look like? Post 1: Overview and Preamble

 The more I researched the typical expedition, the more details I added to this post and ended up breaking the long post into many smaller posts.  I figured if you miss one, you can always go back and read up to the latest.  So relax, grab one of your favorite beverages, and prepare to read a novella.  I will post about a chapter a day to keep you riveted (HA!).  I apologize for the length but I wanted to give everyone adequate detail.  You've been forewarned but I encourage you to read on.  Remember, the goal is to give you an overview of a typical Everest expedition.  Since some expeditions may last up to 60 days (including travel) there are many days to account for throughout the trip.


I'm not sure if there is a typical expedition but I will strip away all the non-essential differences between expeditions and provide some perspective on a climb like Everest.  For those of you who really want to know more, I highly recommend you read Ed Viesturs and Dave Roberts' new book "The Mountain: My time on Everest".  Ed and Dave provide a full description of historical climbs along with Ed's climbs on Everest.  The purpose of my post is not to rehash any historical climbs but rather to provide you - my friends, family, colleagues, and readers - a little perspective on what I am trying to prepare for over these years.  I also benefit from this post because I researched every step to ensure I know what is in store for me in the upcoming months.  My expedition details begin with the few days before departing from a home country (USA) to Kathmandu, Nepal and end with the full return home.  You will hear this repeatedly in all my blog posts that the summit is my home; the top of Everest is only half-way through the journey.  So here goes...(stay tuned for the next installment...."Days Before Departure").

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