Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick update on 1) new domain name, 2) SPOT updates, and 3) Tibet (North Col) Everest route

New domain - same google blog

To make my blog distribution simpler, I purchased a domain name via godaddy and now you can reach the blog and share it with others via this URL:

The return on my $7 domain name investment comes immediately after my first face-to-face encounter where I can simply say...."go to my blog at www.climbingonpurpose.com."  There you have it!  Go Daddy rocks.

Google maintains the old blogspot name along with my new domain so either works just fine.  Once a person types in the old address, the browser quickly resolves the old address to the new domain name.  

Find me on Spot

Some of you likely saw my recent post - or rather several odd posts that were failed attempts to forward my location to my blog.  I have a SPOT locator device that pairs with my GPS (Delorme PN-60w) and transmits my location to facebook, twitter (@pem725), and this blog.  If you click on the second link, you will see a google map of my current location.  The first link takes you to a 1990's website that looks awful and performs even worse across browsers.  Use the google link for a better experience.  Currently, I am in Fairfax, VA right now and that location is not terribly interesting.  While I travel to Nepal, climb the mountain, and return home, I intend to post my whereabouts so check it out and keep monitoring the blog (or facebook and twitter).  Finally, I added my wife to my blog author list.  She may be posting for me while I am climbing if the satellite phone coverage interferes with my web posting.  Expect SPOT updates posted at least daily if not more frequently when I start climbing.  Those updates work regardless of my sat phone connection.

See the North Col Route

There are several ways you can learn about the route I intend to climb (North Col from Tibet).  First, many of you may appreciate a phone/tablet app available from this website.  The developers produced a really interesting 3-D rendering of the North and South Col routes.  Another option is to watch Alan Arnette's animated route map here:

Both options offer slightly different perspectives on the climbing route.  Alan's animated map contains more details about the typical expedition movements along the route while the everest3d app provides a closer look at all the mountain features.  Check 'em both out.

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