Saturday, March 29, 2014

Altitude and Attitude

The past few weeks were extremely busy and left me little free time to post much. I had a few updates if you recall but nothing on working out. Well, I'm not working out. My only focus is to gain a little weight and get strong. I feel great. The point of this post is to show you a trajectory of where I have been - in terms of altitude - and where I plan to go. Every data point up to about April 10th is fairly accurate and after that date I used many different (past) climbing reports to cobble together an expected schedule. So here goes….

plot of chunk TSplot

You'll notice that Everest is one tall mountain. Yep, the tallest of course. Another thing that becomes readily apparent from the figure above is that acclimatization is a process. We climb high, sleep low. Or, in my case, I sleep high and train low. In just 7 days, I leave for the real acclimatization process; it all begins in Kathmandu (KTM). The past few days are a blur. I slept an average of 4 hours each night. Between the altitude and the deadlines, I just cannot stay asleep. The lone positive from the pressure is that I am getting a ton done. Can't wait until I get on the plane for KTM. Seven days and counting….

See many of you shortly at the pub (Auld Shebeen from 3-9pm today) Bring the kids!

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