Thursday, July 18, 2013

One day among many....

One day (7/18/13) in my training program

Several people asked me what my typical day looks like so I decided to present you with my routine.  Days change with respect to what I do and when I do them but today was a fairly typical day.  Here goes...

5:30am - Wake-up
5:45am - Lift (my workout posted below)  

7/18/13 Workout
6:30am - Run for 45 minutes.  Today, I warmed up for 10 minutes, ran 3 x 10 minutes at 80% with 2 minutes between each 10 minute runs, and warmed down.  It was 87 degrees today with 92% humidity.  I was drenched.
7:20am - Wake up my son and feed the dogs and shower.
7:30am - Eat breakfast with Patrick, laugh together while watching whatever youtube video we choose.  Today was this one - a favorite of mine:

8:15am - Take Patrick to football camp.  Yeah, I need to be a parent sometimes.
9:00am - Hang out with Kathy in the kitchen while I drink my pot of tea (Earl Grey).  We typically talk shop and today was no different.  Topic du jour:  Card sort methodology, Delphi method, and Latent Response Models.  Yep, a gripping conversation.  
10:30am - Respond to email - one of my least favorite activities but a necessary task for most academics.
11:00am - 90 minute Google Hangout with my student (Jessica Yarbro).
12:30pm - Lunch at Curry Mantra with my pal Chris Lee.
1:30pm - 60 minute Google Hangout with student (Dan Blalock).
2:30pm - 30 minute Google Hangout with student (Sam Monfort).
3:00pm - Pick up Patrick from football camp.  Back to being a parent.
3:45pm - 30 minute Google Hangout with student (Lisa Alexander).  Last hangout of the day.
4:15pm - 20 minute stationary bike ride - easy spin at 130 bpm heart rate or lower.
4:45pm - 20 minute elliptical workout - easy elliptical workout at 125 bpm heart rate - steady.
5:15pm - Eat with family.
6:30pm - Dry-land warm-up for evening swim practice.
7:00pm - 90 minute swim practice.  Coach Cheryl really kicked our butts tonight.   4 x 200 IM's long course with some drill in between - all this followed by sprints.  I'm no sprinter so these really hurt.
8:30pm - HOT TUB!!!  Life is great in the hot tub after swim practice.
9:00pm - Late dinner with the family.  I ate while they had dessert.
10:00pm - Bed time.  I'm beat.

It was a relatively easy day with only 3 hours and 25 minutes of workouts; tomorrow is even easier with only an hour and 40 minutes of workouts.  Time for bed!

Oh, tonight, Kathy and I get to sleep with our new fans.  Here they are:

Hope the night offers us a bit more comfortable temperatures.  Good night.


  1. I remember sleeping with my fans and I just couldn't get them to leave in the morning. Sigh

    1. HA! I laughed my tea through my nose. My fans are store bought.