Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A few hours before I depart: How to follow us on our climb

I take off in a little under 14 hours.  Before I depart for Kathmandu, I wanted to alert everyone about the various ways you can follow us while we climb.  We intend to post updates to Twitter because the Garmin InReach allows us to post to either Twitter or Facebook.  The former gives us more flexibility and allows us to reach a wider audience.  Every time we post to Twitter, my blog will be updated.  If you are averse to Twitter then just check in here for the latest updates; otherwise, follow us on Twitter.  I intend to test out this Twitter to blog functionality shortly so stay tuned for a test post.  Finally, here are the outlets you can easily find our update links:

1.  My blog (here).  Every time I post to Twitter (@pem725), this blog gets updated with the appropriate map link and any message I include.

2.  Twitter.  The updates will be brief but always include a link to MapShare.

3.  Facebook.  If you are friends with me, check out Facebook.  I doubt I will post much directly to my account while away but all my Twitter posts go directly to Facebook.

4.  MapShare.  Go here for the latest location mapped only a cool Google map.  If you really want to see a cool map of the entire route, check out this Google Earth map.

Thanks for following.

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