Monday, October 10, 2016

Telling my story: I begin with the conclusion

I purposefully interrupt my adventure narrative to provide you a glimpse into my story - the story of my drive.  Many of you have asked me directly "why?" or, perhaps, ask yourselves..."why would someone do these things?"  I don't know why others do them but I am ready now to reveal a bit about why I do them.  Are you ready?  I am.  Here goes....

Over the past few decades, I spent countless hours thinking about, preparing for or carrying out adventures.  Those hours included some calculations about potential gains and losses.  Each balance sheet showed the gains always outpacing the losses - even if these were weak forecasts of cognitive riches and dire consequences.  But still, why?  Why would anyone put themselves in harm's way to reap any benefit except to save another's life.  Well, I think there are other reasons to press yourself into service - even if there are no potential lives saved except your own.  Perhaps the reason we all put ourselves in harm's way is to save our own lives.  That is my story - or at least part of it.

The reason I hunger for adventure is to feel alive.  I mean it.  Each adventure allows me a taste of life.  The stress and strain along with tough living conditions, social isolation, and often shared exhilaration form the porthole into my sense of being.  I feel alive during these adventures.  Yeah, sure, I also feel exhausted and often really sick but nothing makes me more grateful for creature comforts than a little deprivation and suffering.  To really feel what it means to live drives me toward adventure.  I love the feelings before and during adventures; afterwards, I feel a slight depression or letdown that lingers for weeks.  The only antidote to that lingering malaise is more adventure.  So, I plan for more.  I am driven to experience the world's offerings for no other reason than to feel alive.

I can recall the source of that drive with ease.  Others may not readily recall it for themselves.  My plan over the next few days is to slowly unravel my story so you can better understand me and why purpose lies at the heart of my adventures.  By doing so, I may shed some light on why each of you is drawn to adventure.  My sense is that we all have similar tastes and thirsts.  Some of us do the odd or strange to slake the thirst that comes from years of creature comforts.  I have no idea of my story's length but I plan to continue posting until I feel it is told.  Today, I leave you with the conclusion.  

Adventure allows me to feel alive.

Next up, the beginning.

P.S.  My friend Aaron crashed during the Ironman Hawaii bike leg last weekend.  He is fine and home now - no doubt a little disappointed in the outcome.  Keep him and others in your thoughts; we all need a little support now and again to get back on the proverbial horse.

P.P.S.  Kat, Cheryl and I just returned from the REI screening of Paul's Boots <--- b="">HINT:
 click on the link and watch it.  That movie and a few exchanges with friends and family over the years prompted the current and forthcoming posts.  Do yourself a favor and watch the movie.  Read my blog posts too.
Thanks for following along.

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