Thursday, September 10, 2015

Two more opportunities to swim....and the outlook is not looking favorable

Hey all.  I just got off the phone with Neil (my pilot) and he gave me the run down for the upcoming days.  Today is bad.  The winds and waves are not favorable today - at least not this morning.  Later today may work out but it doesn't look promising.  Tomorrow, the forecast is about the same as today.  No sense stressing about it.  I plan to go for a swim this morning, retire to our favorite restaurant for a bite to eat and then chat with Neil to see if the conditions change.  Maybe afterwards I squeeze in a nap to make today perfect.  

Don't worry about my mental state.  I am in good shape and look forward to this and other adventures.  The aim here is to make the most of what I have available.  How many times do I get to swim in Dover harbor?  Not many.  Off I go!  See you shortly with any updates.  See below?  I'm smiling....sort of.  OK, off to swim.

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