Saturday, June 6, 2015

A new beginning - follow me while I prepare to swim the English Channel


Today is a somewhat bittersweet occasion - the date I was scheduled to fly back home from Kathmandu.  I don't sit here remorsefully recounting what could have been.  Instead, I remain thankful for all the support you all offered me while I was away.  The people who really need our support are the people of Nepal; they continue to suffer under poor conditions and recurring tragedies - both natural and man-made.  I urge you to support those organizations that use their contributions to directly support the people and not line the pockets of already well-off administrators.  You can find some good charities by visiting Charity Navigator.

I put Everest in my rearview mirror for now and focus on my next adventure - swimming the English Channel (EC).  Please come back to read more about the planning and preparation of this event.  My current schedule is to fly to the UK in early September (2015) where I will wait until my time comes up to start the swim.  The time is flying by and I am swimming and lifting like crazy.  I plan to post a few updates this week so everyone knows what goes into a swim like the EC.  

Hope this update finds you well and gives you something positive to think about after this year's tragedy in Nepal.  Thanks for following along with my adventures.


Climbing and now swimming on purpose

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