Sunday, May 11, 2014

Recaps start again tomorrow: Today, I thank my mom and Olivia for sustaining hope

There is plenty of time to discuss Everest but only once per year do we focus on moms.  Today, I shove Everest aside for mom.

Last night I attended the Olivia Constants Foundation fundraising event in Annapolis and I was reminded why Olivia and her cause are so important to me - hope.  It is Mother's Day today and I want to reciprocate the message of hope by honoring the mothers I knew and know.  

What better place to start than with my mother.  My mother always supported me and gave me the opportunity to achieve whatever I desired.  Yeah, my dad was there too but it is not his day today; he can wait until June.  I thank her today even though she cannot be here to read this message.  If we all took a little time to thank those who supported us and gave us hope, I think many of life's struggles would soon evaporate.  Here are my mother's day thanks.....

Thanks mom

My mother was a hard-worker who raised two kids, climbed the corporate ladder, and tolerated a family life unsuitable for anyone.  You see, she had three boys to deal with and one was a grown up!  We did as we pleased and she seemed to tolerate it and, at times, found the lighter side in our shenanigans.  There was no malice in our actions; we were just boys.  She was not a victim but rather she found ways to deal with a less-than-good situation at home.  She smiled, sang out loud, and filled the room with happiness and optimism. She gave me hope that things would be better no matter how down I felt.  I miss her dearly. 

Thanks mom for being so happy
Thanks for your kindness
Thanks for loving me unconditionally
Thanks for remaining positive
Thanks for the little tunes you hummed in the morning
Thanks for making the little things matter so much
Thanks for supporting all my interests
.... for getting up at 4am to make me egg sandwiches before swim practice
.... for the morning lifts to practice in the summer
.... for driving me to endless triathlons
Thanks for always slipping in a few extra bills so I could eat more later
Thanks for offering frank and honest advice
Thanks for pushing me to be better
Thanks for forgiving my transgressions - no matter how severe
Thanks for giving me hope when things seemed hopeless
Thanks for fighting to see the next day

Thanks mom.  I wish you were here to read this.

There is plenty more to tell about Everest this year so stay tuned for Monday's installment.  Go thank your mom today.

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