Thursday, June 13, 2013

Everest Preparation Analysis Report: Jun 13, 2013

Everest Preparation Analysis Report: Jun 13, 2013

I am going to post a weekly update in graphical format showing my preparation progress prior to climbing Mt. Everest (departure date: 4/15/2014). The following figures and summary provide me - mostly - with an evaluation of my preparation and where I might be over-training or where I am accommodating the stress well.

Workout Plan

Before I accumulate much data, I want to show you the progression of workload I intend to cover over the 45 weeks of preparation. The workout cycle is 5 sets of 3 week phases where each focuses on one aspect of training. The phases - prescribed by my Core Performance program are as follows:

Phase Focus
Foundation: Technique oriented with gradual increase in workload
Stable: Core development with even greater increase in workload
Strong: Resistance training with emphasis on building strength rather than merely maintaining strength
Work: Increase workload substantially to accommodate to long grinds
Powerful: Plyometric exercises with even greater workload to bind the two energy systems

plot of chunk Program

Future Posts

Every week, I plan to update the blog with what I am doing to prepare for the climb including upcoming climbs, workout progress, and logistics preparation. Stay tuned.